Friday, June 16, 2017

Totalllll Walllll Makeoverrrrr (part one)

Hello and welcome toooooooooo: How To Change Your Entire Room in Less Than Two Hours! On this week's segment, you will learn how the entire look of your walls will change in just two easy projects! Have you always wanted to paint but your parents  have told you "Kayla absolutely not, we are not painting again, your room was painted more times than anywhere else in the rest of the house"? If so, then today is your lucky day! I'm about to show you the easiest way to pretend-paint for less than twenty dollars. Are you ready? You might want to be sitting down for this one...

That's right folks, for the very very low price of like twelve bucks, you can find yourself the lucky owner of loADS AND LOADS OF CONTACT PAPER. And, since you're still reading this, I'm assuming that you are wondering what's so great about all of that contact paper. Well, why not just put it on your walls and disguise the gross wall color that is already there (hellooooo who lets a nine-year-old paint her room pepto-bismol pink and then complain when she hates it about three months seconds later), with the color of your choosing because yay! Contact paper!

Here's the how to: first, find your contact paper. Second, cut it up. I made many many strips about 1/2 an inch by 2 inches. Then, place onto walls in a + formation. Or X. Or boxes, although that would require different sizes. Basically, whatever floats your boat. The wall that I so eloquently contact-papered is 8 feet long, and we have standard ceilings. I split the wall into nine staggered columns and 10 rows, just for some perspective. I literally just peeled off the back and stuck the paper right onto the walls. I would sincerely recommend dusting however, because it likely will fall right off of dusty walls and float beautifully to the ground which may be awe-inducing as well as inspiring but it is not what we are going for with this project.

In the end, this project took a good 30 minutes, and I am only slightly obsessed with the results. I would highly recommend giving it a try, although it may make you scream and try to find your kindergarten teacher  on Facebook so that you can yell at her for never properly teaching you how to cut in a straight line. Or maybe that's just me... anyway, tune in next week to find out how to spend the next hour and 29 minutes in order to complete the totallllll walllllll makeoverrrrrrr (brought to you in less than two hours!)

PS let's not mention that cute six-month hiatus 'kay? It will never probably not ever happen again. Thanks love ya m'wah!