Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hats Off to Hats

Have you ever looked at your hat collection and thought, "Wow, I have a lot of hats!"?  My brother too. But now, all of your hat desires can be met, for the extremely low price of $21 even!-if you live in a place with New York sales tax. How can this be you ask? A wonderful, custom place to store all of my hats? For the extremely low price of just $21? I'll show you.

First, buy a peg board. Ours was 2 feet by 4 feet, enough to comfortably hold at least 12 hats. This will cost $7.97. we decided to paint over the white* (the peg board came pre-primed), which made it appear much nicer and a lot less 'we just bought this from Home Depot and mounted it onto the wall'.

Next up, was a frame for the pegboard. this requires two pieces of 2" by 8' (with a lovely depth of just 1 inch), reasonably priced at $1.17 each. We laid these out around the edges of the pegboard and marked where it should be cut. then the wood was handed over to my dad to do the actual cutting. It was then painted blue*, the same color as the stripe in my brothers room. The peg board was placed exactly where it was going to go on the wood. 
And that's when the corner brackets come in.

One four pack of 2" corner brackets for just $2.47?! Whatta steal. *disclosure- I am not a corner bracket price specialist. In actuality, this very well could have been a ripoff* The brackets were then placed on the corners of the pegboard, where it would drill into the wood, the reason for this being the pegboard needs to hang off of the wall both to mount it and for the hats to hang off.

Finally take four screws ( I am assuming that you have these) and drill through the holes on the pegboard into the wall, wherever it will be placed. The very last step is to take your hooks, we got three four hacks for a total of $6.78- one of the most expensive pieces of the whole project. the peg hooks look like this:

and fit right into the holes on the pegboard like this:

Last but not least, hang up your hats!

Were you keeping track? That lands us at an even $21 with $1.44 of sales tax. Don't believe me? Here's the  receipt to prove it!


*paint was not included in the cost of the materials; we already had both of the colors that were used.

adios amigos!