Friday, June 30, 2017

Are You Smarter Than a Kindergartener?

This project is both crazy easy as well as crazy cheap. For real though, ANYONE can do this as long as they have approximately ten dollars and enough scissor-wielding skills to cut a triangle. It requires a mere five objects, most of which (probably all) can be found in your house. Behold: my banner!

Since I have a wonderful family who knows just how much I love Taylor Swift, I received her Vanity Fair magazine as a part of my birthday present last year. I then proceeded to admire the magazine and promptly read the entire thing cover-to-cover. The magazine made its way to my easel, where it rested for about a year until I decided to make a banner. I went through the magazine, and ripped out all of the pages with black and white images that I liked. Thankfully, most high-end fashion brands heavily rely on black and white advertising. 

I cut one triangle, decided that I liked that shape, and used it as a template for all of the other triangles. Also, because I am slightly a little bit kinda crazy, I even organized the triangles based on the images on the triangles. For example, the ones that were almost entirely white with black lettering, or the ones with peoples faces on them, etc. This is just because I am insane and wanted the entire banner to be properly balanced. 

All of the triangles then got two hole-punches, and were strung through some twine that I stole from my garage. I wrapped the edges of the twine around a screw:

and put each screw on opposite sides of the wall. Just like that, I had a new, cute decoration, and I finally got rid of the magazine that I was staring at for twelve months. There were limited holes in my walls (something I am very fond of doing), and I only got mad at my kindergarten teacher like four times for never educating me on how to cut in a triangle!



Two screws
One Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour magazine or anything else you're into
Hole puncher


1. Cut triangles out of magazine of your choice, using color scheme of your choice
2. hole-punch two holes into each triangle
3. thread the triangles onto piece of twine
4. tie ends of twine around screws
5. screw screws into wall of your choice