Saturday, March 31, 2018

Three Years in the Making

I remember this vividly. It was three years ago and I was feeling INSPIRED. So, I did what any normal inspired twelve year old would do: I jumped on my parents bed and whined gently suggested that they let me paint our bathroom sink. Below, you will see the very image that I was trying to recreate.

However, much to my dismay, they both said, rather forcefully, that there was "absolutely no way that I will let you paint my bathroom sink." But little did they know, that was only the beginning of my bathroom adventure. Way back on March 17, 2015, I wrote a little post about how I was going to remodel the bathroom, and because our family takes three years (this obviously is not an exaggeration as it's been two years and 11 months) we finally have a new bathroom! Not to say that it's completely finished, because nothing in my life is ever truly finished (and also because I am still trying to convince my mom to paint the vanity navy blue).

We had my dad tile the tub from this ugliness (which was obviously picked out before I got an opinion, no offence):

To gray! Despite the fact that I totally wanted hexagons but whatever, it's fine...

Because it is still a major improvement (he didn't really have a choice in the matter).

And we painted!

(he also got no say in this, but it was okay because we didn't make him paint, just prep because no one likes to do that).

Then the finishing touches, which honestly took the longest:

Look at that! Three years later and a totally new bathroom!