Friday, August 11, 2017

Is Today Tuesday?

I am officially in summer mode. And by summer mode I mean that I have absolutely no idea what day of the week it is ever. In honor of summer, we have decided that our outdoor area is trash. However, it is trash no longer! We have done about 50 million small projects that cost very little and take very little time and now everything is gorgeous!

Basically, anyone that knows me knows that my entire personality can be summarized by cafe lights. Right on our deck there's a handy-dandy outlet that one time almost caught our house on fire and is hardly ever being used! It lines up perfectly with our gutter, and right near our entire sitting area which is THE PERFECT SPOT FOR CAFE LIGHTS. Except  for the little tiny problem of we had nothing to string them onto. Enter from stage left, my mother and me (yes that is proper grammar, thanks Trawick) navigating Home Depot with a giant 10 foot tall 2x4. Add some brackets and screws to the end of the wobbly wall, acknowledge the wobbling of the wall and add concrete, and whala! You have a gross ugly 2x4 hanging out of the ground. You're welcome.

With the help of some other brackets:

We were able to string cafe lights from the edge of the house to the post. We even got to take out Christmas decorations to get gutter clips! And nothing even fell on my head this time! Just tuck the ugliness into the gutter and then the door molding and it disappears forever. Except you are then left with the 10-foot-tall wooden post sticking out of the ground.

But with a little bit of love, and a whole lot of rust-eze, you too could look like me! PS if you get that joke ily. 

Just substitute rust-eze for stain, and not only will it ameliorate the essence of the post (SAT prep), but you will also protect it from like rotting and stuff! Also, because my family is extra and loves flowers, we added hanging hooks to... you guessed it-hang flowers off of!

Oliver loves them too!