Sunday, April 17, 2016

Let There be Light

This was probably the easiest fix ever. It all started with a bagel. You see, I was sitting at the dining room table, eating a bagel. I noticed, directly across from me, that our windows were looking a bit shabby. Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful, but the grates were making them look old. So I asked, "Is it possible to take them off?" To which my mother replied "Why yes dear, I believe they will just pop off," or something along those lines. So what did I do? I finished my bagel. Then, I went to the windows and removed the grates. Let me tell you, it was quite dirty underneath. But alas, after some Windex and paper towels, The windows looked so much better! 

It was a true Christmas miracle. But in April. 

Also, according to the Internet, as the Windows may warp over time, it's important that you label the grates in case you ever want to put them back on. They are more likely to fit on their respective Windows. Be sure to label them in terms you actually understand, because it is questionable whether I will be able to crack my code in a few years from now.