Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Whole New World

Our living room was looking drab. Ok no problem right? Wrong. The problem, is that the living room is connected to the entry way, which is connected to the hallway which is connected to more and more and more walls. In other words, we've been waiting to repaint it for two years since our last paint job (two years and one day ago). Also, my dad won't paint. Which makes it much harder. In addition, we have bad paint brushes. And no crown molding.

However, we pushed through, and finally picked a paint color. It's called perfect taupe and it's a pretty perfect taupe. After getting the paint, we came right home and started painting before my dad woke up, so he didn't exactly get to ridicule us for painting our entire living room. 

Anyway, it took a whole day, but it's pretty amazing how much of a difference a coat of paint makes. Just an FYI, the more money the better the paint, it's not a rip off and it is definitely worth the extra few dollars; the paint covers so much better and comes out a lot nicer. Also worth investing in is a good paintbrush, we got these:

Called Wooster pros. 
And I'm obsessed. I will never go back to bad paintbrushes ever again. 

These are the before and after pics:

Notice how white the walls look compared to the new color?!

In conclusion, as I sit here finishing my cold coffee, apologizing for taking so long to update, I hope you go paint your living room. It's worth it!
P.S. remember when I used to end each post with a picture of a dresser?

Annie Sloan Paint: