Sunday, September 6, 2015

One fish two fish

I have done the easiest project of all time. Seriously. I bet my dog could do it, and he's currently suffering from some extreme fall allergies. I wish I was kidding. 

So what I did was take one of these cool folder things:

Open it up like this:

And paint it navy blue:
The actual hardest part of this project was waiting for the paint to dry. 

Then I drew the words fish in bubble letters:

Cut it out and glued a map to the back:
*map courtesy of my dad's car, because who even uses maps anymore?*
Please ask for parental permission before cutting up all of their old maps. I will not be held responsible for any groundings that occur due to the spontaneous destroying of said maps. 

Then I hung it up the easiest way possible; hole punchers and ribbon. Add some burlap to hide an unsightly screw:
And tadaaaaaaa! You have yourself a sign to label your fish! 
You're welcome. Also, mountain
And charlette

Would like to say hi.