Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hello sunshine

I am on a yellow kick. So one day, a long long time ago, back in May, I made my mom buy two yellow baskets. And also, I found a cart like this:
And made it yellow too. 

So then on another day about two weeks ago, I got bored of the living room. Obviously, I turned it yellow. 

One of my most favorite spots, is this:

Notice the m&m machine, and basket full of blankets. And also all of the cute pictures of when I was a mere child. Ahhhhhh coziness. 

Then this other basket, which looked like a perfect umbrella basket. Therefore, I put umbrellas in it. And now there is a basket full of umbrellas in my living room. 

The ottoman is from Marshall's, because when we went to Home Goods we came home with a puppy. That was an interesting weekend. Anywayyyy... Here's the rest, which I hinted at a long time ago but never got around to taking pictures. 
Isn't it such a happy color? Until my next color phase/slight obsession. Next up, our front door. Dun dun duuuuuuuuh