Monday, October 12, 2015

A Weekend of Coral

Hey! It's been awhile hasn't it? While I know that this is probably my fault, I say, lets not place blame, ok? Ok.

So, flashback to last week, me at Home Depot with my dad. I convince him to buy me a coral spray paint, and say that I will pay him back, (I have yet to pay him back).  I return with the coral spray paint, and go to town.

Now, my grandpa bought me an easel at a garage sale for $10, and it overwhelmed me. The entire thing was covered in ugly brown paint, and it was hideous. Don't worry, I'll spare your eyes the horror, but only because I am the queen of forgetting before pictures.

The easel was then stripped down to the wood, and it was just so beautiful I decided I was going to keep it. I stained it English Walnut, because it was in my "inventory" (i.e. free), and I liked the name.

Also at the garage sale, was a stool that was picked up for free along with the easel. I stained the top the same color, and spray painted the bottom, you guessed it, coral. And now it looks amazing.

But alas, this has caused for the entire remodel of my room, because now I have too much furniture. Horray to me for getting it all to fit, and allowing for my dog still look out the window off of my bed. I'll have my room tours page updated by the end of the week with more pictures!

Plus, I took off the ends of my curtain rods and made those coral too! 
I've actually got a real color scheme going on now! Blue and gray and coral oh my!