Friday, August 12, 2016

The Paris Olympics

I was on vacation, AKA the reason I didn't post last week (sorry). On my vacation, I came across something that I NEEDED. What did I do about this? I bought it. Did I spend all the money that I brought on vacation with me? Why yes I did, I'm delighted that you know me that well. What was it? Just a picture of some 20's cuties on the beach, posing behind umbrellas that I'm extremely jealous of! And by 20's, I mean 1920's. As in the photo was taken in 1924 (The same year as the Paris Olympics which is why the title makes so much sense, also because I love Paris and the Olympics are on go America *pant*). The next most important thing, besides breathing, since we came home? Finding the perfect frame. Normally, whenever I need a frame I run to the nearest Marshall's/T.J. Maxx/ Home Goods because you can find awesome frames for really cheap- an 8x10 frame is almost always less than $12.99. So after checking my local Marshall's to no avail, I tried everywhere else. I fell in love with a few at Michael's, but there was none for less than $35, with a sale on all of their frames. After being exposed to the prices and great quality that is Marshall's/T.J. Maxx/ Home Goods, I knew I could never go back. I tried Kohl’s too with no luck, even with my my mom's 30% off coupon. This meant an unbearably long trip of 20 minutes up to Home Goods.
Most of my issue was finding a frame that would match the aesthetic of the photo. Since it was so old, most of the frames that I found- while lovely- wouldn’t look right once I put the picture in.
The trip to Home Goods ended up being successful; I found a frame that matches the time period, AND FOR ONLY $9.99!  

On to the next step-finding somewhere to put it. This proves to be more difficult than you would think. Pretty much all of my walls are covered with stuff, and I just so happen to love it all and refuse to give anything up. My first thought was to put it next to these other two picture frames hanging by my bed.

But then I hated it. So now I have another hole to add to my collection.

The reason for my disgust? I'm dying to get an iron headboard and spray paint it a matted black. Exactly like this one, found here:

(Maybe for my birthday *hint hint*)

and this just didn't go. Then I thought, well, what about above the shelf? However, I've been dying to put up more Polaroid pics like I did over my other shelf in this post, so that was a no-go. As I flopped onto my bed in frustration, it came to me. It must go next to my mirror. It was perfect, plus it went perfectly with my custom necklace holders, my favorite project of all time which I still haven't written about yet will update you on. 

Unfortunately, this meant I had to take down the poster from my show this past April (sorry Addams fam). Until, I flopped down on my director’s chair, exasperated and not willing to take down the poster, that I found the perfect spot for that too; right over a hole in my gallery wall that I had been admiring for ages!

And we all lived happily ever after, the end.