Friday, May 8, 2015

Blah blah blah

It's spring! And if you're jealous about how I'm writing this in my hammock with ice cream, well, you should be.

But back to why this even matters. So I was glancing at my gallery wall across from my bed, as the beautiful morning light was illuminating my room, and all my comforters were so perfectly fluffy just like in the movies, yet I thought, "Maybe *gasp* my mom is right, and I do have a slight addiction to gray! And perfect symmetry!" 

My immediate next thought was "how can I fix this without spending any money?" So, I did a few simple DIY ideas that were absolutely freeeeeee! Unless you live under a rock and have no access to paper. 

First up, the "and sign". This one, again just in case you're under a rock, "&". Literally, it took white printer paper, black paint, and knowledge of what this: &, looks like. 

Next, some quotes about what others might call "girly stuff". Oh well, I am a teenage girl. I quickly pinterested a few quotes, and wrote them onto spare paint swatches, because believe me, I've got a thousand of those, in addition to the Paris pictures I hung up with them. 

I managed to get my dad to hang up a picture for me, that was replaced by a picture of Puerto Rico on one if my shelves, and it looks FABULOUS:

And then today, as I was home sick watching a Kohler commercial about the 1920s, I thought it would be cool to add a silloete of myself to add some '20s to my wall. I won't add the picture I actually took because again, home sick, but I took it in 1 try, and didn't have to worry about my hair looking good. Isn't that a true picture? Okay enough philosophy. So I took my picture, and printed it out. Then I traced it against the window-nature's own light box-  and glued it onto black construction paper, because I thought that that would be very original. 
And the spectacular end result? Viola!