Friday, April 17, 2015

les petites choses de la vie

As so brilliantly illustrated by this post's title, it's the little things in life. Like my total obsession with Paris. So when my aunt found me this sign, I FLIPPED! Almost quite literally. Because as I lay in bed at night, gazing up at my shelf, I realized it was a bit stuck in the mid 2010 era. Back when I was 9. 
It was a problem. And then, BOOM! Paris sign.
Add some stick on pearls, and ta-daaaa! Recipe for perfection (Easy decorating tip: stick on pearls look good on EVERYTHING). 
Whala! I told you it was perfect *sticks tongue out at you* And my shelf? Insta-glamified!
Does it need more work, absolutely. But alas! A true perfectionist's work is never done!