Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Oscar the grouch anyone?

My family is very good at finding stuff in the garbage. Exceptionally good, for it being such a weird habit *and whatnot*. 
Exhibit one:
Exhibit 2:

Exhibit 3:
Exhibit 4:
Exhibit 5:
(Well, this one was more of an "if you don't take this right now it's going in the trash" kind if thing)
Exhibit 6:
(Plus three others to go along with it)

We are also very good at finding things on super-sale. So when I grabbed this picture frame for 3 (THREE PEOPLE) 3 dollars at Marshall's, I was super excited!! Add a 10 dollar inspirational canvas, and I have a brand new closet! Observe: 
And what better picture to put in the frame then Taylor Swift? None. There is no better picture.