Friday, February 27, 2015

Paint The Town

I felt like painting. Hence, telling my mother, "I think I should paint the entry today." And guess what?

So, I painted. And listened to some good music.
Unfortunately for you, I forgot before pictures. I ALWAYS forget those!
But fortunately for me, you don't have to see the terrible color that the walls were painted. I'll just describe it for you.
  • It was supposed to be light gray
  • It looked like a dirty white
  • It was filthy
  • It clashed with our white closet doors
  • It was ugly
  • And also quite horrendous

Walls in our house are still painted this color though; here is a reference on one of our other walls:

Here it is after painting, even though it hasn't been touched up yet:

Don't worry, it'll happen. In the meantime, lets all marvel at how well half of the ceiling line came out!

Ahhhhhh. Good job me. Good job.

P.S.- try not to flip about how messy our entry is right now... I appreciate it!