Friday, February 6, 2015

Curtain call!

I have made curtains! Well, not really, just a vallance, per say. It wouldn't have been the first time making curtains, but these will be on display for EVERYONE TO SEE. That's right, they're in my kitchen.

So why did it take me four snow days to finish them? (Thank god for snow days!) You see, it probably would've been much much much longer, if my grandmas sewing machine (I would've used mine, but my dog ate the foot pedal-long story) hadn't broken 137 times. It got to the point where I was refrencing Taylor Swift. Singing: we are never ever ever going to finish these curtainsssssssss (yes I'm aware that that's too many syllables; I never claimed to be a songwriter). Oh and also, my dog decided to take a little nap when I was trying to pin the hems down. 

That was frustrating!

The process went like this:
Buy fabric

Hem the two short sides

Hem one long side

Flip the top over for a 2 1/2 inch hem, to go through the curtain rod 

I had to make two panels, each 7 feet long, for our 7 foot window, because of the way the curtain rod works, and so that they could be scrunched up. And I bought the last of the fabric. So here's to praying for finding it online for our other window!
And drum roll please!

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