Thursday, January 8, 2015

Coffee anyone?

This was my winter break project. A coffee bar! Except it didn't actually turn it as a coffee "bar" persay. Our inspiration looked like this:


And this: 

But mainly, the one most "copy-able" was this:

And the best part about my favorite one- all taken from Pinterest of course- was that we had the exact same holder that their mugs are hanging off of. Except, after much deliberation, I concluded that there is absolutely no other place to put the garbage can. Which means, no where to put a cart. So it went over the sink, where we can't fit the Keurig. But it's okay, because it's sitting right next to the sink. Maybe, a floating shelf above the garbage, with cute letters and a spot for the Keurig, will eventually happen. But for now, it's a big improvement from everything sitting in the basement.